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Book review

Profound Revelations of Sunday Afternoon Cycling Church

By Steven Muir


This amusing book, complete with pictures comes in bite sized, easy to read, great to enjoy aloud with others, chunks.  The book looks at numerous issues in the church and wider Christian culture from the perspective of a cycling church.


Alistair Mackenzie puts it this way on the back cover – “Try to imagine church on wheels inspired by Adrian Plass and Gary Larson, and every now and then a bit of almost serious theological reflection….Prosaac is a very funny and salutary reminder of ways we Christians often set ourselves up to leave others absolutely bewildered by our antics.”


If you like a bit of humour and cynicism this book helps us laugh at ourselves. It would have been a great Christmas gift idea if you had heard about it in time!  However, still time for New Year.


You can order this from: thepope@cyclingchurch.org.nz  or  www.cyclingchurch.org.nz or alternatively cheques for $15/copy + $1 postage made out to SMART Mental Health Ltd, P O Box 13266, Christchurch
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