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Spirited Exchanges is an umbrella name for a variety of initiatives for people grappling with issues related to faith and church. Many of these people have left the institutional church while others continue but have a less than comfortable alliance with it. Many have felt marginalised and misunderstood, others have felt controlled and disrespected. And for most it has led to considerable upheaval in their Christian understanding and practise and has often meant the loss of previous valued community.

Spirited Exchanges has provided spaces for transition and resources for people to process the issues, ask the questions and express the doubts. These have included groups, an interactive newsletter containing people's stories and articles and resources relevant to people in this space, this website with much the same content and one to one support. We also promote relevant books, information and other links.

In April 2007 Spirited Exchanges moved from having more of a group focus to providing resources via the website.

The website contains links for all information and resources pertaining to Spirited Exchanges as well as hosting an interactive online discussion forum. The site will be updated with new resources from time to time and will advertise any future changes.


Please direct any questions about SE to info[at]spiritedexchanges.org.nz.
Please direct any web or technical questions about SE to web@spiritedexhanges.org.nz

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