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A Spirited Exchanges Group meets in Whangarei twice a month in the evenings. We start with a shared meal at 6:15 for those who want to eat together first, or come at 7pm in time to join in our spirited conversations. For further information please contact Jan Stewart alan.stewart[at]xtra.co.nz

The Christchurch group meets on the first Monday of the month, at 7:30 p.m. in the foyer at Opawa Baptist church, cnr Wilsons Road and Hastings St East. More details can be obtained from Elizabeth Taylor, candet[at]paradise.net.nz or phone 942-3446. We would love to see some new faces!

Dinners 4-7

A new style of group that is easy to form and sustain. Gather others around you who might be interested and meet over a meal how ever often you decide to explore issues of faith and its outworkings in life. The idea of 7 is that it is not a nice neat and tidy number and if one or two are away it can still take place without it feeling too decimated. You put your own parameters around it. The guidelines we have used for groups have been:

  • we are not trying to produce one answer that everyone must adhere to. There is freedom for differing views and opinions.
  • each person is free to share her/his own view even if that is different to others or ‘heretical' from some people's perspective.
  • we ask for respect and space for each person who comes and for their opinions.
  • we cannot ‘fix it' for people who come.
  • because this is a discussion we ask that each person speaks relatively briefly.
  • we have no neat ‘tie-up' at the end.
  • we let God defend God.
Variation: Brunch is also a great alternative to dinner.

These need to be formed so they work for you – there is no right model, only what works and brings you life. Enjoy.

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