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Here are some books reviewed in our newsletters:
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A Generous Orthodoxy
by Brian D. McLaren. Published by Youth Specialities, Zondervan 2004

Called Again: in and beyond the deserts of faith
By Alan Jamieson. Philip Garside Publishing Ltd, Wellington;

‘Chance to Dance…Risking a Spiritually Mature Life'
By W. Robert McClelland. CBP Press, St Louis, Missouri; 1986

‘Doubts and Loves: What is left of Christianity'
By Richard Holloway. Cannongate, Edinburgh, 2002.

Faith and Feminism: An introduction to Christian Feminist Theology by Nicola Slee. Darton, Longman and Todd, London. 2003By Susan Howatch, Little Brown Publishing 2003

Finding Hope Again: Journeying through sorrow and beyond
by Peter Millar. CanterburyPress, Great Britain, 2003

Prosaac: Profound Revelations of Sunday Afternoon Cycling Church
By Steven Muir

Soul Making: the Desert Way of Spirituality

By Alan Jones. Harper, San Francisco 1989

The Complex Christ: Signs of emergence in the urban church
by Kester Brewin. Published by SPCK 2004

The Heartbreaker

By Susan Howatch. Little Brown Publishing 2003

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