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Some threads of Celtic Christianity.


  1. A deep “sense of connectedness” – to God, to the sacred earth, and to one another.
  2. All creation is a sacred mystery, revealing God's presence.
  3. Every aspect of life is permeated by Christ's forgiving love, healing power and divine light.
  4. The natural order reveals God's glory.
  5. Christ's light overcomes the darkness.
  6. The Christian faith is always a community faith, and work and worship are one.
  7. Prayer and praise arise out of the experiences of daily living and belong to the people.
  8. Christ is revealed in the ordinary events of life.
  9. The church is always a “missional church”.
  10. Sharing the good news of the gospel demands listening, prayer, penitence, obedience, discipline and risk taking.
  11. It is often on the margins, amidst struggle and uncertainty that Christ is powerfully present through the Holy Spirit.
  12. Life is provisional and our only true security is in God.
  13. Poetry and creativity, symbol and ritual are “ways into God”.
  14. Church is inclusive and non-hierarchical, both women and men are equally affirmed.
  15. A love of the Psalms.
  16. Life is both “an inner and outer pilgrimage” – a daily journey into the heart of God.
  17. In our daily living we are always accompanied by the saints and angels.
  18. A healing ministry is central in the life of the church.
  19. Without communal and personal penitence and lament, our journey in Christ is incomplete.
  20. We cannot live without a sense of wonder, mystery and awe.
  21. This day is God's day – not tomorrow.
  22. Life and death are a continuum enfolded in Christ's love.


Peter Millar, The Iona Community, Scotland

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