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A person contemplates a tree.


The tree sends its roots beneath the surface, seeking nourishment in the dark soil; the rich "broken down" matter of life.


As they reach down and search, the roots hold the tree firmly to the earth.


Thus held and nourished, the tree grows upwards into the light, drinking the sun and air and expressing its truth: its branches and foliage, its flowers and fruit. Life swarms around and into it. Birds and insects teem within its embrace, carrying pollen and seed. They nest and breed and sing and buzz.

They glorify creation.


The tree changes as it grows. It is torn by wind and lightning, scarred by frost and fire. Branches die and new ones emerge. The drama of existence has its way with the tree but still it grows; still its roots reach down into the darkness; still its branches flow with sap and reach upward and outward into the world.


A person kneels to contemplate a tree and to reflect upon the troubles and joys of life. The person imagines mornings and evenings in a great forest of prayers, swarming and teeming with life,


The person is learning how to pray…..


From the introduction of Michael Leunig's Prayer Tree.

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